The Best You Missed [2012 Mixtapes]

London Bridges – London Bridges [An addictive sound. LoVe at 1st Listen-literally. Blogged here]

After The Smoke – Microwaves EP [Unique. Forward. Brave. That cool otha shit. Blogged here

Julian – Black Heart [It’s sex in the form of sound. Blogged here hella times because I quite literally !obsessed! with this tape when it first came out. XO gang]

SOHN – The Wheel [I can’t describe it. You have to just listen, then maybe you’ll feel what I felt, hear what I heard and understand. All I know is there’s nothing more appropriate and soothing on my pensive days. Blogged here]

Two Fly – Oz [Also blogged hella times because they’re a favorite. Seriously, I know you don’t know a male and female rap duo as ill as these two. Honestly, i’m dubious you even know of ONE male and female duo. Here]

Bago – Sunday’s Best [I only pressed play when I saw this because she described it as “MUSIC FOR THE SCREWED, BLUED AND TATTOOED. GOD BLESS YOU BECAUSE I CAN’T.” and at the time, the description fit me all too well. I did not expect it to be as awesome as it is. Now it’s the go to soundtrack for my devilish days. Blogged here]

I/O – Isolation [I remember the first time I heard Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia, Ultra. I remember because of how it made me feel. I also remember the first time I heard this. If I had a top 5 list, this would be on it. Yes, I love it; I love it so much, I may also love him. Blogged here]

Steven Clark – Fornication Under Consent of the King [If you’ve been in my car this year, you’ve heard something from this. Probably Lonely Roller (#2) or The Haunting (#9). This isn’t coming out of rotation in 2013.]

Sza – See Sza Run [I saw her Country video and was hooked. Blogged here ]

Terresa Jenee- Electric Yellow [Another hella dope girl. She’s like ‘cool’ in audio form.]

Nacho Picasso – Black Narcissus [I don’t know if it’s because my love for rap runs deep but, it’s most difficult for me to find a full body of work from rappers that I really like. A lot of rap artists are predictable to me. If I can guess the last word of most the lines you rap, I ain’t fuckin with ya. If you insist on abusing generic ad-libs, I ain’t fuckin with ya. If you sampling shit that’s been sampled a hundred times, I ain’t fuckin with ya. If you make a weak attempt at trying to be different, like Danny Brown, so annoyingly jump from a high to low pitch when you rap, I ain’t fuckin with ya. The list of reasons I won’t fuck with these rap ‘artists’ can go on and on, but my point is…THIS wasn’t like that. 🙂 Blogged here ]

Lorine Chia – Lorine [I kept seeing her featured with artists I was posting and loved the sound of her voice from the get go. Then, she dropped a tape and she’s as good a rapper as she is a singer and I love when that happens! Press play. Blogged here ]

Moruf & Iman Omari – Euphoria [Anything Iman Omari touches is gold, like so…Blogged here]

Kali Uchis – Drunken Babble [Watch the video here and you’ll see why I was intrigued enough to check out her tape.]

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