Waldo – NSDE/OUTSDE (Full EP)


Fellow Michigan heavyweight Sango produced every song on this tape, and if you’re familiar with Sango, you know that means the production is A1. The A1 production only compliments Waldo’s venturesome, mid-west flow and sound. The EP feels free and embodies the spirit of experimentalism in hip-hop right now. If you’re into cool, mellow raps over ethereal, mystic type sounds than you should thoroughly enjoy this.


Individual Tracks Here: http://agomusic.bandcamp.com/

NSDE – http://agomusic.bandcamp.com/album/nsde-2

1. N (Prod. by Sango)
2. Finally (Prod. by Sango)
3. Out (Prod. by Sango)
4. Kobe’s Room (Truth Be Told)(Prod. by Sango)
5. AGO (Feat. Joose)(Prod. by Sango & Mr. Carmack)

OUTSDE – http://agomusic.bandcamp.com/album/outsde

1. Red Toyota, Naomi’s Song (Prod. by Sango)[co-prod. $ir OJ] add. guitar by Marvel Alexander
2. Purple Heart (Prod. by Sango)
3. Yellow Garage (Leroy Glow) (Feat. The SEVENth) (Prod. by Sango)
4. Explicit Content (Prod. by Sango)
5. Balcony (Outro) (Prod. by Sango) add. guitar by Marvel Alexander

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