Sonya – Veridical Paradox


Veridical Paradox is what happens when intellect, poetry, and an innate musical disposition, creates.   A Veridical Paradox produces a result that appears absurd but is in fact, true.  This is indeed “a compilation of truth combined with timeless music.”  Touching on the perils and beauty of love, the contradictions of the human condition and everything in between, her depth and versatility is what continues to make Sonya, Sonya.  An exceptionally great artist, Veridical Paradox proves that she is in a lane of her own.  How seldom it is to find a beautiful female artist, who’s will to have solely their art speak for themselves, supersede any industry expectations and temptations.  How seldom it is to find a female artist communicate the pain, needs and desires of being a woman with such integrity.  Uncompromising in her intellectual approach, Veridical Paradox will make you think. Unorthodox in the sincerity of her pain and pleasures, Veridical Paradox will make you feel.  Unwavering in the righteousness of its composition and delivery, Veridical Paradox will make you want more. 

Below the album is my commentary & thoughts on each song during my initial listen last week. Enjoy! And your thoughts and feelings are also welcome.

Detached – Lost in her mind, she’s seeking love as her escape, yearning for attention to serve as a distraction. Feels like Aaliyah on that 2013 electro-R&B wave.  Vibing.  This set’s quite the tone for the album. #RIPAaliyah

Down – Reminiscent of that late 90’s, (Think Destiny’s Child – The Writings On The Wall & Brandy’s – Never Say Never) feel good, R&B love songs….oh how I miss this.

Love & War (Introlude) – She starts spitting here and if you remember anything about Sonya, you remember her rhymes. 

Funk – As funky as you’d expect a song titled ‘Funk’ to be.  She settles any qualms about her rap capabilities and starts flexing her wit & lyrical abilities with this one.

Veridical Paradox – The title track starts with a speech by Nelson Mandela, how fitting.  It’s followed by her views on society and the walking contradictions it is composed of.  Ends with the complexities of being a woman in this society and her (our) personal contradictions and convictions.

     ”Always chasing things that can’t be caught, and catching things that should be dropped.  I’m hard headed, insecure, but confident.  Veridical Paradox.  So unorthodox.  Don’t look how I talk, don’t talk how I write. I’m a lady, but I’ll still fight if the reason is right…” as will I, so do I & it’s ok- the best woman are complex in this way.

Kick My Game – She got game.  & The AmazNs production on this album is, yup… amazing!

Spellbound ft Alpha – Like I said when I first blogged this song, the Frank Ocean sample and her delivery make this song effortlessly smooth.

No Good – Painful truths. Those perils of love aforementioned, the agony of loving someone who won’t love you back, the results of giving love they’re not worthy of and the consequences of it all…here.

Run (Outrolude) –   “I run, because I know you like the chase.” & I ran this back ten times because I fuckin love it.

Twilight Zone ft. Alpha – Honest. Reflective. One of my favorite tracks, featuring Alpha (a.k.a the other half of OZ).   


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