Rockie Fresh – Electric Highway


If you’re familiar with Rockie’s ‘The Otherside’ mixtape than maybe, like me, you feel his success was inevitable. I mean, click As Far As They Let Me. Awesome right!? Here are some previous LV1L posts of Rockie’s work. Pay attention to how clean that A.C Green video is, that was before he signed to MMG. So please note – Rockie been dope. If anything, I think he’s added to MMG’s cool, not vice versa. Kudos to them for seeing his potential and allowing Rockie the freedom to continue creating his sound though. I was initially concerned they’d influence his shit (less electric guitar, more bass and gun claps. less harmonizing, more “UGH” ad-libs and such) – but no, Rockie’s still Rockie and Electric Highway is indeed Rockie FRESH.

P.S – You know how I know he’s cool, he used SOHN’s The Warning on track 5. SOHN was featured in the Best You Missed 2012 mixtapes and here. Great ears hear alike.

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