Nemo Achida – Climax II


Sometimes, you hear and see something so good, every time you hear and see it again-you feel that feeling that made it resonate in the first place. Nemo’s Big Light’s, Deep Shades did that. I don’t know if it was the fact that the visual’s complimented an already awesome song so well, with the jazzy Janet Jackson- Gone Til It’s Gone look (my favorite Janet video ever), or if it was his unique voice and that ill flow (he has one of the best Lauryn Hill references ever) paired with a Huf hat and Diamond Turf’s. Whatever it was, it got me hooked and I’ve been an avid Nemo fan since.

Consistently dope; everything Nemo that I’ve featured on the blog thus far is right here. You can browse that first or get right to the new goods below. And I think it’s called Climax Shit because it’s just as great as SEX! Yeah. [And I’ve played Gold Bottle atleast 10 times already-there’s a video for that coming soon.]

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