Miloh Smith – Suite 404


My youngest sister is one of the few people who’s musical selections I trust and enjoy like my own. So when she sent this to me like “Sahn, listen to this NOW!!!!!!” I got over excited and accidentally X’d out the work e-mail I spent 15 minutes writing and opened the link. 10 mins later and about four tracks in, Her – “Spotlight?” Me – “FUCK yeah!”

So, here were are. Miloh’s cool is effortless. She has this ethereal, trance like, r&b sound mixed with the spoken word like raps and blends the two exceptionally well. On track 4 she re-does C-Murder’s Fuck Them Other Niggas, which automatically earns her 100+ cool points. Oh, and that’s her on the cover. Yes, she’s beautiful too.

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