Kelela – Cut 4 Me

kelela tape

My new obsession, hailing from Maryland but LA based, Kelela Mizanekristos released her debut mixtape last week and the love is endless. SPIN loves her, Fader loves her, Pigeons & Planes loves her, LV1L loves her!


Why so much praise? Because in a music world where future r&b, electro, ambient, UK dubstep trance like sounds emerge as often as the sun rise, Kelala still created a world of her own. A world that encompasses the aforementioned, but is maybe placed in an entirely different galaxy. It’s not Disclosure-esque, it’s not Jessie Ware-esque, it’s not Sango or Sampha-esque. I think she described her sound best, “Not giving it up. Not giving it all to you…It can go off, like the drummer’s going off, like shredding basically. And then there’s other moments when it’s absolute pin-drop silence in the same song.” It’s intriguing, it feels familiar yet the sounds are unpredictable and that’s why you’ll keep listening, and replaying and mesmerizing…

Thank you for this Fade To Mind.

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