Elijah Blake – Bijoux 22 (EP)


You know how sometimes you set your expectations so high you begin to subconsciously accept the inevitable disappointment you’re going to experience? Wellllll, I did that with this and then felt stupid for doing so after track 1 (then even began to feel guilty for it by track 2 because it’s even better than track 1!). This EP is as awesome as (first) expected…and like I said, my expectations were high. I mean, he is RocNation’s newest member and I have seen his name on Rick Ross and Keyshia Cole tracks.

Then, last week I caught him on the hook for Game’s Freedom which finally intrigued me enough to start googling Sir Elijah Blake (I said ‘Sir’ bc I remember seeing his twitter name is SirElijahBlake-not because I like that word, because I don’t. I hate it.) and within a few clicks I learned that he wrote Usher’s Climax!!!!! YES, “Going noooowhere fast. We’ve reached the climax. Were together, now we’re undone. Won’t commit so we choose to run awaaaay” CLIMAX. THAT song. And that was all I needed to know to know that I was going to give this tape a good listen. & I did & i’m happily downloading it riiiiiight now. Hear why below 🙂

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