I’ve sought refuge in song and found my peace. I believe music transcends language and that is why it has the ability to touch us more deeply than anything else can, has or will.

“In music the passions enjoy themselves.”

Simply put, this site is a platform to showcase the more unfamiliar, exceptional artists; Which is probably why you haven’t heard some of these songs. And if you haven’t, then this site is serving it’s purpose and i’m pleased. 🙂 LV1L is an acronym for LoVe at 1st Listen, which is the case for all of the songs I post. As a music aficionado, my ears appreciate beautiful sounds of any and every genre…even sounds whose genre has yet to be determined. I post the lyrics so the music speaks for itself and if nothing else, intrigues you enough to press play.

Click. Enjoy.

Peace & Ble$$ing$

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Contact: LV1Listen@gmail.com


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