Courtney Bennett – Fool In Love (SBTV)

“I guess I was too blind to see the bad in you…”

“I’d do anything for you, but would you do the same. I would give my heart to you, but you wanna play these game. I should just ctrl-alt-delete ya, ’cause I dont wanna see ya. It’s hard because my feelings for you just keep getting deeper and the pain is unbearable. But I dont wanna be the one to fall in love, I don’t wanna fall in love with you. I don’t wanna be in love with you.”

I love her. She’s easy to sympathize with, because we’ve all shared the same pain – loving someone not worthy of your love, and she communicates it so well in song. She’s one of my favorite finds while I was Euro-tripping. & now i’m back with the goods Enjoy! 🙂

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